The SOCP has been a co-implementer of the Orang Utan Coffee Project since 2007.

Partnering with more than 500 smallholder coffee farmers around the Gayo Highlands of Aceh Province, the Project integrates sustainable development, nature conservation, and corporate social responsibility. Orang Utan Coffee follows a strict set of guidelines and grants a premium to help improve the livelihoods of partner farmers and as well as to SOCP, to support all its work to help save the rainforests of Sumatra.

Jantho Honey

We have recently instituted an alternative livelihoods program that serves to benefit communities living nearby our Jantho Orangutan Reintroduction Station – via the sale of delicious and sustainable honey. Through providing bee boxes and training on honey cultivation and harvesting, local people can produce and market this valuable, delicious commodity – which we are all hoping will soon be made available to the international market. And beyond just producing a delectable product, just as how orangutans are considered as farmers of the forest through their spreading of seeds over a wide area, bees also play a hugely important part in nature through their role as pollinators.

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