The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) works on all aspects of Sumatran orangutan conservation.

 Our work includes:


The SOCP’s built Orangutan Quarantine Centre outside of Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia where they undergo extensive medical checks and are rehabilitated in socialization groups and on-site ‘forest schools’. Once deemed mature enough and fit for returning to the wild, orangutans are transferred in groups to one of our Reintroduction Centre. Here they will be released to form new, genetically viable populations in extensive, protected forest blocks.


With regional, national and international universities and institutions, the SOCP conducts essential surveys and monitoring of wild and reintroduced Sumatran orangutan populations and their habitat, and continues the long-term studies of their behavior and ecology in the wild.


The SOCP advocates for the expansion of conservation areas as well as the improvement of protection in existing areas. Working closely with local and international partners, we are working to prevent and mitigate threats to the species and to strengthen protection of orangutan habitat.


A real highlight has been the formation of an outreach and education team to flesh out the learning experience we’ll offer visitors to our Orangutan Haven. We have solicited input from local communities on the issues related to conservation that most affects their daily lives and used these suggestions to produce an educational concept catered to the needs of those people that would have the most direct impact on the forests of Sumatra.


The SOCP has been a co-implementer of the Orang Utan Coffee Project since 2007. Partnering with more than 500 smallholder coffee farmers around the Gayo Highlands of Aceh Province, the Project integrates sustainable development, nature conservation, and corporate social responsibility. Recently SOCP also instituted an alternative livelihoods program that serves to benefit communities living nearby our Jantho Orangutan Reintroduction Station – via the sale of delicious and sustainable honey. Through providing bee boxes and training on honey cultivation and harvesting, local people can produce and market this valuable.

Let's created a world where orangutans in Sumatra and their rainforest habitat are always secure and thriving.

Where we Work

Tapanuli Orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis)

Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii)

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