With your support you can directly aid the conservation of orangutans in Sumatra. Every single orangutan released back into the rainforest gives hope to the species and helps avert their extinction.

Greetings from Hope!

Hope was brought to us in March 2019. Her tragic story received media attention around the world:

"She was brought into our rescue and rehabilitation with 74 air rifle bullets in her body and a broken shoulder."

The Swiss orthopedic surgeon performed operated on the severely injured orangutan and saved her life. Unfortunately, Hope lost her eyesight, due to the air rifle bullets and will have to stay with us.

Take on a sponsorship for Hope and support her on a monthly or yearly basis. Your support helps our rescue and rehabilitation station to provide medical care, to feed and to look after Hope, as well as the other patients of our Orangutan Conservation Programme in Sumatra.

By sponsoring Hope, you will get


Your certificate of your support for Hope and the Orangutans rescued and rehabilitated at our station

Hope's biography

Complete information

and stories about Hope.

Hope's report

A report on Hope’s health and progress at the station

(1-2 times a year)

Sponsorship Cost

By donating

CHF 25

per month


CHF 300

per year

You are supporting Hope's daily life.

You are helping us to continue rescue of threatened orangutan in Sumatera.

You are supporting the rehabilitation station in Sumatra.

This Virtual Orangutan Adoption is managed directly by PanEco

If you fill in the form below, your sponsorship will be renewed automatically every year. Of course, you can cancel your sponsorship at any time. Just send a message to: patenschaften@paneco.ch or give us a call: +41 52 354 32 32.

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