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Founding Partners:


PanEco Foundation

The Swiss based PanEco Foundation supports and implements projects in nature conservation and environmental education. PanEco initiated the SOCP in 1999 under and MOU with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry’s then Directorate General for Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA, now KSDAE). Within the SOCP PanEco works with a number of partners butand remains remains ultimately responsible for all heavily involved in the management, fundraising and implementation of the programme. PanEco also implements environmental education, conservation and sustainable development projects in Switzerland.  Find out more about PanEco at


Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari (YEL) 

The Indonesian ‘Sustainable Ecosystem Foundation’ for a Sustainable Ecosystem (Yayasan Ecosistem Ekosistem Lestari YEL) is seated  is based in Medan, North Sumatra. YEL is PanEco’s primary local partner foundation and manages, coordinates and implements all SOCP activities in Indonesia. As well as the SOCP YEL is also active in community development projects, including promoting ecotourism and sustainable organic agriculture, in addition to numerous environmental education projects. responsible for the coordination and implementation of the SOCP. Find out more about YEL at


Ditjen PHKA of The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry

The Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s Directorate General for Natural Resource and Ecosystem Conservation is the new version of the former PHKA noted above. The Ditjen KSDA is the Indonesian Government partner of PanEco and YEL for the SOCP via memoranda of understanding with both organisations. On a daily basis YEL and PanEco coordinate all activities with the Ditjen KSDAE via its local provincial offices who play an active role in supervision  and monitoring of the project, and especially in law enforcement, including confiscations of illegal pet orangutans. Find out more about PHKA at (in Bahasa Indonesia)


Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)

Another founder member of the SOCP the Frankfurt Zoological Society fundraises for and manages the SOCP orangutan reintroduction project in Jambi province, at the edge of the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park. Formerly working under the MoU between PanEco and Ditjen KSDAE, FZS now has its own memorandum of understanding with Ditjen KSDAE and has expanded its work in recent years to include habitat protection in Jambi. Find out more at


Supporting partners:


The Orangutan Project

The Orangutan Project supports the SOCP with international promotion,  fundraising, especially by managing the SOCP’s orangutan adoptions programme. The Orangutan Project will soon be able to receive funds on behalf of the SOCP, tax –free in a number of countries.  Find out more at


OrangUtan Coffee

This innovative project works with local farmers in the Gayo highlands of Aceh, Sumatra, to produce and market environmentally friendly organic coffee overseas. Farmers commit to zero forest encroachment and gain a significant premium from adopting ‘green’ practices. The orangutan coffee project also donates funds for the SOCP. Find out more at

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Sumatran Orangutan Society

The SOCP’s newest supporting partner, The Sumatran Orangutan Society recently became the SOCP’s main representative in the UK, assisting in awareness raising, promotions and fundraising.  Find out more at

Local Partners:


  1. District Government of Naga Raya, Aceh
  2. District Government of Aceh Barat Daya, Aceh
  3. District Government of Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra
  4. District Government of North Tapanuli, North Sumatra
  5. District Government of South Tapanuli, North Sumatra
  6. Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), North Sumatra
  7. Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Aceh
  8. Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP) Authority, North Sumatra and Aceh
  9. Provincial Forestry Service (Dinas Kehutanan), North Sumatra


  1. Friends of the Earth Indonesia (WALHI), Aceh Regional Executive
  2. Friends of the Earth Indonesia (WALHI), North Sumatra Regional Executive
  3. The Coalition of NGOs for Human Rights, Aceh
  4. PAPAN Foundation, Meulaboh
  5. Yayasan Ekosistem Sigom Aceh (YESA), Aceh
  6. Syiah Kuala University (UNSYIAH), Aceh
  7. Orangutan Information Centre, North Sumatra
  8. The Forum for Sumatran Orangutan Conservation (FOKUS), North Sumatra
  9. The Forum for Orangutan Conservation (FORA), Aceh
  10. SERABUT Community Forum, Nagan Raya, Aceh
  11. PEUTARI Community Forum, Nagan Raya, Aceh
  12. KUALA SEUREN Community Forum, Aceh Barat Daya, Aceh
  13. FORSAKA Community Forum, Kota Jantho, Aceh Besar, Aceh
  14. PETRA, North Tapanuli, North Sumatera
  15. PUSAKA INDONESIA Foundation, Medan, North Sumatra
  16. Centre for Orangutan Protection 
  17. ProFauna

We have a number of supporters. If you would like to become a major supporter of our orangutan efforts please contact us now. 

For all media inquiries please contact us by filling in the form here.

To counteract the explosive extinction of the Sumatran rainforest, the Orangutan Coffee Project supports coffee farmers in the highland of Gayo, Aceh province to manage their plantations in an ecological and sustainable way.


Special premiums from Orangutan Coffee reward both local coffee farmers and also support the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.

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