Media Enquiry Form

Thank you for your enquiry and your interest in our work.

Firstly, we get many requests from media outlets, film and news teams and cannot possibly accommodate all of them, however much we might like to.

Given this, we first ask for more information, including:

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1. Timing, when and for how long would you be expecting to be in the region?

2. Have you also been in touch with others in the region such that you are planning to visit them as well? If so, then who and where etc?

3. What would you hope to see or film, which locations, activities, etc?

4. How many would be in your team?

5. Would you use a fixer and will you have all required permits from the Government (noting that some conservation areas, such as National parks etc) require additional permits to visit and film?

6. Where would the results be published or broadcast?

7. What would be the intended audience - numbers, age range, education ‘level', nationality etc?

8. What would be the main “angle” of the story and how long a duration?

9. Are you prepared to reimburse our organisation for staff time spent accompanying your project?

10. Any other comments

It would help us to see what the next steps could be, if you are able to answer these questions first.

Thanks again for your interest.

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