4 new ex-captive orangutan intakes to SOCP on one day in July

This evening, 27 July 2016, we received 3 infant orangutans, estimated to be 11-12 months old, and 1 juvenile orangutan, estimated to be 4 years old. Yesterday, teams from Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), Centre for Orangutan Protection, and BKSDA arrested a major supplier of orangutans in Aceh, confiscating the young orangutans and bringing them to the safety of our SOCP Quarantine Centre. It is likely that all 4 were illegally captured from the Leuser Ecosystem after their mothers were killed. This situation is occurring with increasing frequency as the Leuser Ecosystem continues to be opened up for palm oil production, threatening the last remaining and viable habitat for the Sumatran orangutan, rhino, tiger, and elephant.

Upon arrival to quarantine, all 4 orangutans received a physical examination from the SOCP and Orangutan Veterinary Aid – OVAID teams. The juvenile, a female, had a thick, tight rope around her neck and waist, which required immediate removal. Additionally, one infant has an injury to his left eye, which was treated by the veterinary teams. All orangutans are carrying a heavy parasite load and had their hair matted with feces, which required clipping. Currently, all are drinking and eating well and are receiving 24-hour care from our quarantine team. The next few days will be a critical period for them to settle into quarantine after facing such a traumatic experience . With time and proper care, we have high hopes that all four orangutans will have a successful rehabilitation, allowing them to eventually return to the forest where they belong.
We would like to thank Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), Centre for Orangutan Protection, and BKSDA for their hard work and a job well done in catching and arresting this major illegal trader, and we hope for a successful prosecution! An additional thank you to Orangutan Veterinary Aid – OVAID for their continued support and dedication!