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You can help build an Orangutan Haven for eight very special orangutans who currently remain confined to quarantine cages at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) Quarantine Centre. For reasons of health or disability these orangutans require long-term care and cannot be re-released back into the wild in the foreseeable future. The Haven will also serve as an important tool to educate visitors on conversation issues and forest ecosystems.  We have also produced a short introductory video of the Haven, viewable here, with an update on project development through September 2016 on this page.

Orangutan Haven

Save Orangutans Today

Our infant orphan Sumatran orangutans are seeking your help. With the growing number of orangutans in our care, with a donation of as little as $5 you can make a huge difference to providing facilities for our infants and around-the-clock care staff at the quarantine station. Find out more about how you can help save orangutans today, through online funding partner Orangutan Outreach.

Orphan Orangutan Care

Adopt An Orangutan

With over 1,000 orphaned orangutans living in rescue and rehabilitation centres, only 1 out of 6 orphans are lucky enough to be rescued. Infants require 24-hour care to ensure they are in healthy condition.  For as little as $12 a month, you can help to change the life of an orphan under the care of SOCP. Adoptions help us provide orangutans with veterinary care, food and training to rehabilitate them back to the wild.  Find out more here through online funding partner The Orangutan Project.

Orangutan Adoptions

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Recently released to Jantho – Meet Agam!

Over 8 orangutans have recently been released to Jantho for reintroduction in the past 2 months. Located south of Banda Aceh, the Jantho Pine Forest Nature Reserve is one of the two release sites that SOCP send orangutans to be released back to the wild. March 2011 marked the official first release of 4 orangutans into Jantho Nature Reserve. Through July 2016 over 80 orangutans have been successfully released into Jantho Nature Reserve.

Learn about Jantho

4 orangutan intakes to SOCP in 1 day

On 27 July 2016 we received 3 infant orangutans and 1 juvenile orangutan, estimated to be 4 years old. Yesterday, teams from Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Centre for Orangutan Protection, and BKSDA arrested a major supplier of orangutans in Aceh, confiscating the young orangutans and bringing them to the safety of our SOCP Quarantine Centre. It is likely that all 4 were illegally captured from the Leuser Ecosystem after their mothers were killed. This situation is occurring with increasing frequency as the forests continues to be opened up, threatening the last remaining viable habitat for the Sumatran orangutan, rhino, tiger, and elephant.

Only 1 out of 6 orphans are lucky enough to be rescued. Care of these individuals is costly and requires 24hr staff, veterinary, and nurse care to ensure they are in a healthy condition and have the best chance to survive – and return to the wild.

Adopt an Orangutan

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Fazhren Update

Orphans at SOCP

Ganteng Progress

Save Leuser

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